2-17-13                       My Thought & Values

First & foremost, I am fully into our Lord & put these believes first in everything I do. I had a late start, was 47 when first saw the Light. One of my most favorite things to do is the Visitation Ministry for our Elders at Rest Homes. My wife & myself along w/our most Faithful & Loyal Dog Sam go to Rest Homes & requested persons to bring Joy into their Hearts. The feelings when this is done is all so rewarding. Honor & Respect!.

Plastics business wise, I have 36 years Fully Seasoned Experience in the field & have done all jobs from the bottom running the Molding Presses to being in full charge of a 24/7 manufacturing Plant. The conception of Sure Thing Purge was over one full decade ago & at  present is over Seven full years on the open Commercial Market. In this time there has been Zero returns & Zero issues that couldn’t be worked out to any of our most Loyal & Great  customers satisfaction.

Our product is 100% Non Hazardous/Non Toxic & a lot of our customer base are in the Medical Plastics Industry. Fluids going in & out of Humans through the devices made by these companies that have been using Sure Thing. Again Zero issues reported in over a Decade since  conception.

We have also stared a “Green” project we call “Full Circle” where we reclaim the spent purge to recycle into useful products so not to hit the Incinerators & Landfills. We are the only purge company in the World to do this to our knowledge. Keeping God’s Green Earth Cleaner!!!.

Tom S. Prentzel
Managing Director
Sure Thing Solutions, LLC